Why Korea


Why Korea Medical Tourism

All Roads Lead to Seoul
The latest number one destination for medical tourism is
Seoul, the capital of South Korea. In the past, trends
were set in New York and Paris. However recently, Korean
popular culture such as K-Pop and K-drama is setting
another trend. Around Gangnam area in Seoul, there are
as many hospitals as there are coffee shops. The Gangnam
area appears in singer Psy’s most watched video on
Youtube, “Gangnam Style”. Most of these hospitals offer
plastic surgery. Seoul provides a much safer and cleaner
environment compared to other big cities in other
countries. Many medical tourists from the US, Russia,
Japan, China and other countries come to Korea to enjoy
“Hospital Shopping” in Seoul.
Korea is the Best Place for Medical Tourism
Why do people visit Korea instead of going to Singapore,
Thailand or India, other well known places for Medical
Tourism? The reason is because Korea offers the best
doctors, state-of-the-art technology and high-tech
equipment. Korean global companies such as Samsung, LG
and Hyundai have been leading the economic and
industrial development of Korea. Now Korea’s medical
industry has become equivalent to other advanced
countries and is even leading on some fields due to the
growth of the IT, electronic and machinery industry. The
Korean government has assigned its medical industry as
the country’s new growth engine industry and supports
foreigners to enjoy Korean culture while receiving a
safe and convenient medical treatment.
World state-of-the-art Medical Technology
Korea’s medical sector has reached impressive
Medical Privilege in Korea
  • Korean hospitals are leading the five-year relative
    survival rates of important cancer types
  • Korea is ranked world’s number one in liver transplant
    success rate (96%)
  • Korea possesses the only Proton Therapy Center in Asia
  • Korea is exceeding the U.S. in cardiovascular and spinal
    disorder treatments
  • Seoul is the present Mecca for plastic surgery.
With the government’s support, Korea’s Medical Tourism will
grow as a global brand just like Samsung’s smart phones,
LG’s air conditioners or Hyundai’s automobiles. Especially
Korea’s plastic cosmetic surgery field has been ranked top
Shopping Paradise
Korea is a great place to travel because you can
experience the coexistence of traditional and modern
atmosphere. You can enjoy the gift of nature like
mountains, rivers and oceans, whereas the cities offer
modern buildings next to traditional architecture. You
may visit your favorite idol’s concerts or filming
locations as well as Korean celebrities’ favorite clubs,
restaurants and cafes. While you enjoy culture shopping,
don’t forget to do your fashion shopping. In Korea you
can enjoy shopping 24 hours and find brands in all price
ranges. The nights are splendid and vibrant yet safe.Are
you or your family in need of a medical doctor? Then we
recommend you to experience “Korean Medical Tourism”.